Meowy Catmass Christmas Cat Tea Towel


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  • 100% Cotton
  • Our towels are all white with a hanging loop.
  • They measure approximately : 28” x 28″
  • No Special Care instructions: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low; iron and bleach optional. The design will not fade, peel or come off. Our towels are meant to be used over and over again.



Meowy Catmass Christmas Cat Tea Towel

As cat owners know, no matter how many times they fall, cats always find the will to get up and try again. They have a resilient spirit, and probably know better than we do that just because you make a few mistakes doesn’t mean you’re incapable of achieving the success you envision for yourself in the long run.

Honor that resilience by gifting your favorite cat owner this hard-working Christmas Cat tea towel.

Our Meowy Catmass Christmas Cat Tea Towel will make a wonderful addition to your home decor.

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