Dog Mom Tea Towel


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  • 100% cotton
  • White towel with hanging loop.
  • Measures – 28″ x 28″
  • Care instructions – machine wash warm water, tumble dry low, iron & bleach optional

In stock


Dog Mom Tea Towel

Green Bee Tea Towels are handprinted in the heartland and made to fight your dirtiest dishes while still looking fresh.

Let’s face it: We don’t deserve dogs. No matter what we do, they are there for us at the end of the day with a reassuring nuzzle or slobbery lick to the face. They need us (for belly rubs, of course), and we need them, too (more than they know). So, for all you dog lovers out there who have one (or five!) doggos at home, this towel is for you. Our Dog Mom Tea Towel will make a wonderful addition to your home decor. Dogs can often feel like children. You raise them, feed them, love them, take them to the vet, and clean up after their messes. It’s only reasonable for you to think of yourselves as family. Furry friends make life fun!

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